The Parish of Saint Stephen holds regular church service every Sunday at 11am. Other special events are held throughout the year and will be listed here as they come up.

Upcoming Events 2024

February 11th - Celebrant: Rev Tania Lesack at 11am service. Pancake Brunch TransCanada Restaurant after the service. Tickets $ 15.00. See Shirley to buy your ticket.

February 14th - Ash Wednesday Service with Imposition of Ashes at 11am.

February 25th - Celebrant: Rev Canon Dr Patricia Peacock at the 11am service.

March 17th - Celebrant: Rev Jane Bell at the 11am service.

March 24th - Palm Sunday service at 11am.

March 28th - Maundy Thursday Service with foot washing at 5pm.

March 29th - Good Friday Service with Holy Communion at 1pm.

March 31st - Easter Sunday Service at 11am.

April 14th - PWRDF Fundraising Lunch with Soup, Sandwiches and Sweets following the 11am service.

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