The following is taken from the Anniversary Newsletter dated October 2018 and written by Bob Smith.

A Letter of Thanks

Especially at the season of Thanksgiving, we want to be thankful for all the support we receive from shut-ins and people who live "away".

As always, when listing names, we fear accidentally omitting someone. Please let us know if we have inadvertently left you out.

We give thanks to:

Jean Frampton
Wendy Duncan
Joan (Spicer) Readman
Stacey Neale
Flo Parker
Terry Huntington
Brian and Betty Anne (Gowans) Joly
Mary and Robert Sinclair
Maureen Custy
George Luchuk
Marion (Smith) Al Schoots
Barbara McPherson
Heather (Davidson) Therrien
Ruth (Nickless) Darling
Joyce M. Barrett Blackwood
Paula O'Reilly and Steve Mazzarello
June Harris
Father Charles and June Nixon
Lynda Thibault
Richard Turner
Beverly Lynn Besser
Dorothy (Cavell) Simms
Jean M. Duncan
George Wilkinson
Taedra (Harris) St. Pierre
Lorna (Clark) Treich
James Dodd
Harry Grigsby
Marion de Terry
Chris Groulx
Joyce Khadon
Jackie and George Rogers

We also give thanks for the lives of Donald Nickless and Fred Hart, long time member, Warden and supporter who died this past year.

At this time, we should also mention that a plaque was presented by the Old Boys Rover Crew (originated at St Stephen's) in memory of Mary and Moe Hague.

Bob Smith

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